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 Planned Unparenthood: Because Choice Doesn't End at Birth

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PostSubject: Planned Unparenthood: Because Choice Doesn't End at Birth   Planned Unparenthood: Because Choice Doesn't End at Birth EmptySun 27 Nov 2011, 6:55 am

Planned Unparenthood is a family health organization dedicated to preserving your Constitutional right to choose, even if - or especially if - you were unable to execute your right to choose before during pregnancy. We help you execute all your choices now.

At P.U., we understand how difficult choice can be. It takes time, and for many, by the time they make their choice, it's too late (or so they thought!), and the unwanted fetus has left the mother's body and become an unwanted post-natal fetal growth. Other mothers or couples initially think they want to raise a family, but are not given adequate information about the trauma and pain of caring for post-natal fetuses. Only after birth, perhaps years after birth, does the choice really become clear: these post-natal fetal growths just aren't what I want. But then it's too late, right? WRONG! You can still execute all your choices - retroactively! It's called retroactive abortion, and it's your Constitutional right!

As long your post-natal fetus growth is not viable on its own, you have the right to choose whether to terminate it or not. So what does it mean to be viable? Look, if it can't feed itself, clean up after its own messes, wash its own clothes, pay its own bills and hold down a decent job, it is NOT VIABLE - end of story! This nonviable post-natal growth is every bit as dependent on you as a parent as when it was still exploiting your body through an umbilical cord. The cord may have been cut years ago, but you know it is even more burdensome now. You are far less free than when you were pregnant -- shouldn't you still have the right to choose? Of course! And that's where Planned Unparenthood comes in. We help parents execute their choice to become non-parents. And in our Retroactive Choice Clinics, we use the same time-tested, judicially approved, medically safe technology used in abortion clinics, only now we are terminating post-natal fetuses. It's that simple.

Your legal right to a retroactive abortion has been affirmed by our courts repeatedly in partial birth abortion cases. Since there is essentially no difference in principle between aborting a mostly-born born fetus and a fully born fetus, you can rest assured that the courts are on your side - as long as you receive your retroactive abortion through a licensed retroactive abortion clinic sponsored by Planned Unparenthood, where our staff of helpful doctors and even larger staff of lawyers are there to protect your rights.

Planned Unparenthood's President, Eugene Icks, has said, "Choice makes America great. By choosing to eliminate unwanted elements in our society, we make America stronger and more pure." To fulfill President Icks sweeping vision of a brighter America, We are carrying this vision to all our people, especially the poor and minorities who may have been denied their right to make the right choice prior to birth.

When it comes to family planning, less is more! Get more life and less annoyance today.

To better understand the family health organization ''Planned Unparenthood'' ......click on the link below


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Planned Unparenthood: Because Choice Doesn't End at Birth

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