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 obama's Certificate of Live Birth Forgery Exposed

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PostSubject: obama's Certificate of Live Birth Forgery Exposed   Sat 07 Dec 2013, 4:52 am

Douglas Vogt: Barack Hussein Obama's Certificate of Live Birth

Details of the Obama forgery exposed

By Doug Hagmann (Bio and Archives) Thursday, December 5, 2013

Every American is the victim of one of the most insidious crimes
ever perpetrated on the collective - the capturing of our nation from
within. The set-up process occurred over decades, but culminated
with the selection and installation of Barack Hussein Obama, a/k/a
Barry Soetoro, as the front man in this silent coup.
One important piece of evidence to support this crime exists in the
controversial Certificate of Live Birth, but not in the way you have
heard, and not in the manner that you might suspect. The revelation
of the manner and methods now exist in a document that the criminal
elements of our government and the complicit media do not want
you to see. And the evidence is as compelling as it is damning.
Based on the popularity of television shows like Criminal Minds,
Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and Profiler from the late 1990s, a
large number of people are fascinated by the investigative science of criminal profiling. One aspect of
such behavioral profiling includes understanding the difference between a perpetrator’s modus
operandi or “M.O.,” and their “signature.”
While all criminals have a modus operandi, analyzing a
perpetrator’s “signature” is a bit more involved. Signature behaviors serve to satisfy some need of the
criminal, and might be viewed as a “calling card” of sorts that link them to the crime. This is
particularly true in cases of forgery, where the forger leaves a usually well hidden “signature” to
identify them as the creator of the forgery. The preceding is provided as a formal introduction to the
most important forgery of our time: Barack Hussein Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth.
So far, the managed mainstream media has ignored the October 18, 2013 filing of two affidavits, one
public and the other sealed, that identify twenty-(20) points of forgery on the most controversial
document concerning the most controversial figure of our time: Barack Hussein Obama. In my view,
this is undoubtedly the most detailed and compellingly damning document ever created pertaining to
the controversy surrounding the long form birth certificate. It provides critical insight into the people
behind the forgery, their methods, and more importantly, their mistakes.
Douglas Vogt, an author and the owner and operator of a scanning business who also has an accounting
background, invested over two years conducting an investigation into the authenticity of Obama’s
Certificate of Live Birth. Mr. Vogt, along with veteran typesetter Paul Ivey, conducted exhaustive
research of the document provided to the White House Press Corps on April 27, 2011 - not the online
PDF, a critical distinction that must be understood.
Using their combined experience of 80 years in this
realm, they conducted extensive examinations of the “copy” that was used as the basis for the PDF
document. They acquired the same type of equipment that was used back in the late 1950s and early
1960s in an attempt to recreate the document presented as an “authenticated copy” proving the
legitimacy of Barack Obama. Instead, they found 20 points of forgery on that document and detail each
point of forgery in the affidavit.
Even more interesting, Mr. Vogt claims to have identified the “signature” of the perpetrator, or the
woman who created the forged document, hidden within the document itself. Her identity, in addition
to the identity of other conspirators and their precise methods are contained in a sealed document
supplementing the public affidavit.
In my extensive research of the open source evidence revealed by Mr. Vogt in the affidavit publicly
released, I have been able to connect the dots myself. Mr. Vogt released additional and even more
specific details in a nearly 3-hour long radio interview last evening on The Hagmann & Hagmann
The elements of the alleged criminality behind the creation of this forged document, along with the
forgery of the short form birth certificate are indeed staggering. The phrase that was born out of the
exposure to the crimes related to Watergate, “plausible deniability,” has now been thrust forward to the
present day.
The release of the long form birth certificate at a press gaggle three days before the reported killing of
Osama bin Laden seemed to be ripped from the playbook used by the men behind Nixon’s Watergate.
Some who were involved knew exactly what was taking place, while others served as useful dupes to
quiet the growing number intent on seeing evidence of Obama’s eligibility. Early on, the perpetrators
made a few key mistakes that they could not undo. Instead, they attempted to cover their mistakes
through additional forgery.
In addition to the errors they attempted to cover, the alleged forger of the COLB covertly “signed” the
forged document, leaving her signature on one of the most important forgeries of our time. Whether it
was done out of personal hubris or to provide her own level of “plausible deniability” in a most
convoluted sense, it is apparent once you know where to look. Then, it all begins to make sense.
The affidavit filed by Mr. Vogt asserts that violations of federal law, from misprision of felony to
misprision of treason occurred by the hands of Obama himself, his White House counsel, the Hawaii
Department of Health, Savannah Guthrie and her employer at the time, certain other media companies,
and those listed as “John and Jane Does” in the unsealed affidavit. The John and Jane Does are
identified in the sealed affidavit.
Using a brilliant legal tactic unlike anyone else who has attempted redress against this treasonous
activity, Mr. Vogt tapped into a section of federal law that necessitates action on the part of the federal
judiciary via a federal judge - currently in the hands of the U.S. District Court in the Western District of
Washington in Seattle.
It is this method or loophole in the federal statutes that separates this filing with all others. Additionally,
it makes this filing by orders of magnitude much more dangerous to those involved in the alleged
conspiracy to insert a foreign agent in the highest office in America.
This is a very big deal. This is a very viable threat to those who believe they are impervious to legal
action for their seditious and treasonous activities, and the very people who have and continue to
facilitate them. This is the best evidence yet that America is a captured operation.

To listen to the most compelling presentation of the affidavit filed detailing the forgeries, click on

The affidavits filed with the U.S. Federal Court can be accessed here …... http://www.vectorpub.com/
and here...... http://www.vectorpub.com/Obamas_Certificate_Forgery.html
and here.......... http://www.obamaforgerybook.com/


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obama's Certificate of Live Birth Forgery Exposed

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