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 The real impact Obamacare

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PostSubject: The real impact Obamacare    The real impact Obamacare   EmptySun 05 Jul 2015, 8:40 am

The real impact Obamacare  ……….    http://www.heritage.org/research/projects/impact-of-obamacare

America's health care system needs reform, but not the sort of changes enacted under the new health care law. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as "Obamacare") asserts federal control over health care benefits and financing, establishes a complex one-size-fits-all health system, and centralizes America's health care decisions in Washington.
The Impact of Obamacare on Seniors
Like most seniors, Ann Lorenz relies on Medicare as she copes with serious health care challenges, including Parkinson's Disease. Ann sees a number of doctors and depends on a variety of prescription drugs and therapies to stay independent. She worries that Obamacare threatens her access to doctors, treatment options and insurance plans - and her neurologist shares her concerns.
The Solution Ensure Medicare is viable in the future by giving seniors better benefits at a lower cost through choice and competition.
Obamacare Facts & Figures
• The law cuts an estimated $716 billion from Medicare over ten years. However, these "savings" are not set aside to preserve Medicare's future, instead they are used to fund new spending created by the law.
• Nearly one-third of all seniors rely on Medicare Advantage, the private health care option in Medicare. Despite the program's growing enrollment and beneficiary satisfaction, Obamacare makes deep cuts to the program that jeopardize its viability in coming years.
• In addition to payment cuts, Obamacare imposes new taxes on drug companies and medical device makers, and new regulations that will make health care more costly for seniors.

The Impact of Obamacare on Doctors
Dr. Martha Boone has been practicing medicine for 25 years. But under the new health care law, which reinforces the worst features of existing third-party payment arrangements in both the private and public sectors, she's unsure how much longer she'll be able to serve her patients.
The Solution
To protect the doctor-patient relationship, doctors' pay should not be linked to government-designed formulas; rather, it should be based on competitive prices.
Obamacare Facts & Figures
• The United States is facing a severe physician shortage. By 2020, the nation will need an additional 91,500 doctors to meet medical demand. Obamacare exacerbates this problem by further increasing physicians’ workload and worsening their attitudes regarding the health care system.
• A 2012 survey found that Obamacare is motivating doctors to change their retirement timeline, with 43 percent of respondents stating that they are considering retiring within the next five years as a result of the law.

The Impact of Obamacare on Business and Economy
The new health care law will impose new compliance regulations, employer mandate taxes, and numerous indirect costs on small- and medium-size companies. For Scott Womack, the owner of a dozen IHOP restaurants in Indiana and Ohio, these are obstacles that will likely prevent him from expanding his business and hiring new employees.
The Solution
Give employers more choices for assisting their workers with purchasing health insurance through defined contributions, not government mandates and penalties.

Obamacare Facts & Figures
• The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the Obamacare subsidies will discourage Americans from working, and cause 2.5 million employees to drop out of the labor force.
• Obamacare's employer mandate will raise the minimum cost of hiring a full-time worker to $10.30/hour in 2015. Congress has already raised the minimum wage from an employer’s point of view, but the money goes to the government instead of the employees.


The Impact of Obamacare on States
The states have long been pursuing innovative solutions to meet the specific health care needs of their citizens. Governor Mitch Daniels knows that Obamacare will not only saddle Indiana with billions in new Medicaid costs, but its usurpation of state authority in regulating private insurance will lead to the probable demise of the Healthy Indiana Plan, which currently provides health insurance to 50,000 low-income Hoosiers.
The Solution
Because no two states are alike, promote state innovation that advances patient-centered, market-based health reform.
Obamacare Facts & Figures
• Obamacare's Medicaid expansion worsens the already heavy burdens facing states. By 2021, approximately 78 million people are projected to be enrolled in Medicaid—requiring billions of dollars from state budgets and taxpayers.
• In the individual market, Obamacare's exchanges have on average decreased insurer competition by an estimated 29 percent nationwide. Furthermore, over half of the counties in the U.S. have only one or two insurers to choose from in their Obamacare exchange.


The Impact of Obamacare on Families and Future Generation
Families should have complete control of their health care dollars and decisions. Instead, Obamacare reduces choice by expanding government-controlled health care, placing a heavy cost on future generations of taxpayers, to the disapproval of parents like Larry Patterson.
The Solution
Rather than bureaucrats and lobbyists prescribing health care benefits and services, allow families the freedom to choose health care that respects their values.
Obamacare Facts & Figures
• Obamacare adds nearly $2 trillion in new health care spending according to the Congressional Budget Office.
• Over the next 10 years, Obamacare will levy about $771 billion in new taxes and fees.
• Obamacare imposes significant financial penalties on the decision to get or remain married - over $10,000 per year for certain couples.


The Impact of Obamacare on Uninsured
A number of provisions in the health care bill will discourage the uninsured from seeking coverage and cause the insured to lose the coverage they currently have.
The SolutionGive tax relief or direct assistance and provide portability for those who buy their own health care coverage, not one mandated by the government.
Obamacare Facts & Figures
• The Congressional Budget Office estimates that “between 6 and 7 million fewer people will have employment-based coverage each year from 2016 through 2024 than would be the case in the absence of [the new health law].”
• In 2024, after ten years of full implementation, 31 million people are projected to remain uninsured.


Repeal Obamacare
Despite what was promised, Obamacare clearly does not establish a patient-focused health care system that saves money. But could America reform our existing system and get there? Absolutely.
The Solution As stated throughout this report, there are policy solutions Congress should consider to get health care right. We should promote personal control through tax equity, ensure portability of health insurance, fix our financially troubled government health care programs, and engage in federal–state partnerships to address the particular challenges faced by very different states.
How to Reverse Obamacare
• Congress must repeal the new law. Congress cannot build sound market-based health care reform on this crumbling foundation, which is utterly incompatible with consumer choice and free markets.
• While working to achieve full repeal, Congress can block implementation at every opportunity by stopping funding for key provisions. For example, Congress could prohibit funding from going toward the Internal Revenue Service for enforcing the individual mandate.
• Congress has a constitutional mandate to provide oversight to the executive branch. Congress should pursue fair, open, and thorough hearings on the implementation of the new law. For example, the Obama Administration's use of waivers and exemptions from its own rules deserves scrutiny.


Impact of Obamacare: Facts, Statistics, Charts and Videos …
The Heritage Foundation….. is the nation’s most broadly supported public policy research institute, with hundreds of thousands of individual, foundation and corporate donors.
Heritage, founded in February 1973, has a staff of 275 and an annual expense budget of $82.4 million.

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The real impact Obamacare

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