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PostSubject: REVIEW OF EAST TENNESSEE FORUM (SYMPOSIUM)   Fri 13 Aug 2010, 5:54 am

I requested and received a review of the “East Tenneessee Forum” by the “Support Forum of Forumotion”.
The name was change to "East Tennessee Symposium after the review.
Here is the review.....

East Tennessee

Quick Review
    As soon as I entered the forum/index, I first noticed that your index is really informative in terms of its messages on it, such on it's description of the forum shown there and a forum telling what it's all about, that's good, the forum looks simple but professional in terms of it's colors and maybe a bit of it's graphics, I liked the index appearance throughout, the graphics is a bit nice for me, the major graphics is fine, the banner may look strange there but I liked it there, the navigation bars are fine, Simple but nice looking, some other icons are good too(including forum icons & Who is online? icons), so I'd say overall graphics is above average, to the lay out of the forum, I really liked it, the lavander/purple color is really soothing in my eye and looks really smooth on the entire forum, so basically, I think, the color is the best thing on the forum for me, let's go to the activity of the forum, the amount of posts is brilliant but the flow of activity seems low, there are less activity on most of the forums, the number of members logging in are also less(about 2 only), the activity is what you need to improve.


    [+]First of all, great color scheme the forum has
    [+]The atmosphere of the forum is refreshing due to it's colors
    [+]The index is really informative about the forum
    [+]Unique banner
    [+]Above average graphics
    [+]Forum has nice amount of posts as starting forum

    [-]Low posting Activity
    [-]Low users Activity

    That's all, hope that helps
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