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  Genealogy and Family History!

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PostSubject: Genealogy and Family History!   Mon 17 Jan 2011, 8:27 am

Search the Mormon Church's huge genealogy record collection in the free genealogy search engine...@.... http://www.ancestorhunt.com/mormon_church_records.htm

The Mormon Church (LDS or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) is well known for their collection of genealogy records.

There is much information contained in their databases but finding what you are searching for can be tricky. Be sure to try various spellings of the surname and first name. Even try using first initials if you can't find the person you are searching for by using their full name. Checking "Exact Spelling" will search for the name spelled in ONLY the way you have entered it in the search engine and therefore will put a limit on results. This option is not recommended in your initial search. Good Luck!

You may want to visit this site...@..... http://www.ldsgenealogy.com/
for resource guides to help you to get started on your genealogy:

* How Do I Begin?
* A Guide to Research
* Discovering Your Family Tree Research Helps

The LDS Church offers free genealogy software that you can use as you do your genealogy research. It is called Personal Ancestral File (PAF) and is one of the best software programs for genealogy. It helps users organize their family history records. It can produce, either on screen or on paper, family histories, pedigree charts, family group records, and other reports to help users in their search for missing ancestors.

To download.....Personal Ancestral File (PAF)..see below...

To download complete registration information..
First Name
Last name
E-mail address
Registration also enables you to receive automatic notices of any future update.

Below is the software available for download....@... http://www.familysearch.org/eng/home/welcome/simplepafregistration.asp

PAF v5.2
Free Family History Software
Current version is listed with each language. Each version contains the program and user's guide.

PAF v5.2 Lessons (English Only)
Lessons for beginning users are available for download. To access the lessons, select "Lessons" from the PAF v5.2 "Help" menu. Lessons may also be accessed online at

PAF v4.0
Free Family History Software
PAF v4.0 contains French, Portuguese, and Spanish versions that are not available in PAF v5.2.

PAF Companion Basic v5.4 (English Only)
Free Color Chart Printing
Print your family tree in colorful ancestor and descendant charts. It's easy and fully compatible with PAF. The basic version is free and prints up to three generations.

Mormon (LDS) Church's huge genealogy record collection...@....

The Granite Mountain Records Vault, located a mile up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

The Granite Mountain vault that is underneath 700 feet of granite outside of Salt Lake City but very few have ever seen the inside of the vault. FamilySearch has released videos that give all of us a view into the operations behind the vault door.

I was especially impressed with the comments that not only are microfilms stored and duplicated in the Granite Mountain Records Vault, but efforts now underway will result in all the microfilms eventually being digitized. Future plans include making all images available to everyone, worldwide, in the convenience of their homes.

Many of the images stored in the Granite Mountain Records Vault are the only copies left in existence.

The Granite Mountain Records Vault videos are available in two parts:

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Genealogy and Family History!

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