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 The Real Star Of Bethlehem....Video

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PostSubject: The Real Star Of Bethlehem....Video   The Real Star Of Bethlehem....Video EmptyMon 26 Dec 2011, 7:24 am

Can Christianity’s historical claims be successfully addressed with science? Many scholars and writers believe they can. So how does the dramatic assertion that a star stood still over a small Near East town long enough for foreigners to reach the place—hold up to scrutiny—as reported in the Gospels. In fact, a recent video paints a careful yet intriguing explanation for how a star could seem to stand still in the sky.

Also detailed is the somewhat controversial belief God used the starry constellations to teach His people important truths. Examined as well is the proposal that the Prophet Daniel had trained the magi long ago how to seek Yahweh in the cosmos through natural signs. This would explain why foreign star-gazing “pagans” would come to worship a Jewish child king revealed through the heavenly bodies.

The Real Star Of Bethlehem Part (1-7)