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 Earth And Man Was God's Last Creations

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PostSubject: Earth And Man Was God's Last Creations   Earth And Man Was God's Last Creations EmptySun 01 Apr 2012, 8:24 am

Earth And Man Was God's Last Creations

The rest of the Bible seems to support the understanding that the earth is not the first of God's creation, but rather the last.

To help get you thinking, one hypothesis is that the entire world was created earlier, "In the beginning". The Bible says that the earth was covered with water and it was dark. It sounds like it may have already been here, created sometime in the past by God.

The surface may have even been frozen solid because there was dark; there was no Sun yet.

Day 1: Genesis 1:3-5 God created light. Why did God created light before He created the Sun on day 4. What kind of light was it if it was not sun light?

Day 4: Genesis 1:14-19 On day four, the Bible says that God created two great lights, one to rule the day and the other to rule the night. It says that He created the stars also.

Was the Sun created at some point in the past and God just made it start producing light on this day? As it began to give off light, the Moon would begin to shine, so would the other planets in our solar system. Is that what is meant by "He created the stars also"?

The angels of God were created before we were, because Lucifer, who became the Devil and tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden, was a fallen angel. The Bible says that Lucifer was created "perfect". Before Lucifer sinned and eventually became Satan he must have lived someplace. The Bible also says that the "morning stars sang together" for joy when the Earth was created. Some of the "stars" were already created with living beings evidently, so it becomes obvious that the whole universe was not created on Day 4 as some have been taught.

The King James Version of the Bible seems to be clear that the whole universe was created on day four of this creation week, but the original language can be understood differently.

Day 6: Genesis 1:24-31 On day six, God created all land animals, which includes humans.

It is interesting to note that for all of creation, before humans, God only spoke and it was done. When He created humans though, God used a different way of creating. Genesis 2:7 says, "And the LORD God formed man [of] the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." God used His own hands to create humans. Why?

The Bible's account of the seven days of Creation have been looked at by some as being a figurative period of time and not seven 24-hour literal days, but the Bible makes it very clear that each "day" was a 24-hour period of time which included both an "evening" and a "morning". If the "evening and morning" period was actually longer than 24-hours (such as thousands or millions of years) then during the light portion the earth would get extremely hot and during the dark portion it would be extremely cold, so life could not have existed.
Of course the same problem would exist if just the first 3 "days" were actually 3 years long. Life could not have existed, even if that life consisted only of plant life (Plants were created on Day 3) because plants need light to survive. So if the night that followed their creation were anything other than just a few hours the plants would have all died that first night.


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Earth And Man Was God's Last Creations

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