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 New and Probably Incurably Disease Has Been Found!!!!!!

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New and Probably Incurably Disease Has Been Found!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: New and Probably Incurably Disease Has Been Found!!!!!!   New and Probably Incurably Disease Has Been Found!!!!!! EmptySat 12 May 2012, 4:50 pm

AIDS - Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome

A totally new and probably incurably new disease has been found - it's called: Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome.

NOTE: The highest infection rate is among 'Liberals'.

The main culprit; a deadly and irreversible irrational belief in the form of a mental retrovirus called HIV (Human Intelligence Deficiency Virus). The virus attacks brain cells and finally destroys them, by weaken the human faculty in a way which scientist don't know yet. Why and how the virus are crossing the blood-brain barrier is not known.

CDC, Center for Deficiency Control have made a new case definition;
- Tested positive on the HIV test, i.e. antibodies to HIV.
- A terrible reduction in brain cells and brain activity.

And one of the following mental conditions or so-called "opportunistic mental Infections"*.
(the full list is now 30 but will be increased);
Dire needs of:

Contact CDC, Center for Deficiency Control for a full list.

*Opportunistic Infections
If your brain-cells drop too low, your mental faculty won't be able to fight off diseases. These diseases are called "opportunistic infections."

The case definition will be widened as the picture of this terrible epidemic is better understood.

Probably it will be enough to get the diagnosis Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome just by having this irrational belief and a brain activity below 50 (measured in IQ).

The mental retrovirus will be dormant for a very long time. The death will occur after 20-90 years after one is infected by this special mental retrovirus. It needs a host (brain cells) to survive and replicate itself. It is very difficult to isolate and find, however, the test is very precise, it will detect the antibodies to the virus in 98% of the cases. The test will be done by a Psychiatrist. There are two kinds of tests that see how well you are: the "brain count" lets you know how many brain-cells you have, and "viral load" shows how much virus or irrational beliefs is floating around.

WARNING! the irrational belief is sexually transmitted. So everybody must protect themselves. Use condoms and don't kiss too deep. It can also be transmitted by discussing and talking very hard and to much about issues which is scientifically related.

This virus seems to especially attack scientists, researchers, doctors etc.

To stop the irrational belief (HIV) from destroying brain cells and reducing brain activity medication with AZT (Anti-viral treatment) and "protease inhibitor" have to be given over a very long time, for most patients, over a 10-80 years period. Be aware of the side effects which is Dementia and many other diseases and very nasty symptom's.

However, the irrational belief (HIV) is exceedingly difficult to get rid of, probably it is incurable, except for a few cases due to genetic predisposition and a very high IQ. The cure must start long before the Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome have developed into the incurable stage. When the intelligence have dropped below a certain IQ it is to late.

This terrible Intellectual epidemic is globally and is rapidly increasing.

As we all know the to first patients was Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier. And they are still alive.

CIA, Central Intelligence Agency have been put on the case, special agents Mulder and Scully are now investigating this terrible intellectual epidemic.

Dr Jekyll, M.D., Ph.D.
Mr. Hyde, Secretary.
Center for Deficiency Control.

Hope and change voters....do not forget to New and Probably Incurably Disease Has Been Found!!!!!! You_are_the_man-969after you enjoy aNew and Probably Incurably Disease Has Been Found!!!!!! DrinkWineCheers  with obama Kool-Aid....sweetened with NutraHope!

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New and Probably Incurably Disease Has Been Found!!!!!!

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