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GAY MARRIAGE IS AN OXYMORON!!! Usaca10 Male Aries Posts : 1325
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PostSubject: GAY MARRIAGE IS AN OXYMORON!!!   GAY MARRIAGE IS AN OXYMORON!!! EmptyTue 28 Dec 2010, 9:01 am

Below is part of an article that has some thoughts on marriage that I share whole hearty...that being “gay marriage”…is an oxymoron...to read why continue reading below....

Posted by kevindujan01 under HillBuzz, Kevin DuJan........

Because I’m gay, I’m never going to be married. Marriage is a sacrament. The word marriage should not be co-opted by the state, and currently we have a very messy linguistic situation where any random person you meets on the street can do in Las Vegas at three in the morning is called by the same word that Catholics use for a blessed sacrament.

What any two heterosexual drunks can do in the middle of the night, with no forethought, so long as they have $100 and retain the ability to say “I do” at some point while a Justice of the Peace dressed as Elvis stands before them, is not “marriage”. That’s a civil union, because the state has empowered that Elvis impersonator to civilly unite two drunks in a legal contract, whether they should be so united or not. It’s also a travesty, but that’s just my personal opinion.

“Marriage”, as a Catholic sacrament is where a priest makes a man and woman seriously consider what they are doing and treat what’s happening as a lifelong, lasting commitment…made by sober, serious people who are really sure about this, and not of the mindset that “Oh, well, we can always just get divorced later!”.

Here’s where I get into all sorts of trouble in Boystown, where I live, but it makes my skin crawl every time I hear anyone screech about “gay marriage”…which is an oxymoron because it’s impossible for two guys or two women to have a “gay marriage” or be “gay married”, the way I view the word “marriage”.

That’s because “marriage” to me is as Catholic and religious as Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, and the rest of the sacraments. It’s a religious word, and is out of context outside of religious talk. There is no gay version of the other sacraments, and there should be no state version either.

The above is from an article...titled “QUESTION: In only his second non-funeral appearance inside a church since becoming president, why did Obama take the sacrament of Communion, when he is not Catholic?” ....@.....

Hope and change voters....do not forget to GAY MARRIAGE IS AN OXYMORON!!! You_are_the_man-969after you enjoy aGAY MARRIAGE IS AN OXYMORON!!! DrinkWineCheers  with obama Kool-Aid....sweetened with NutraHope!

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