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 THOUGHTS ABOUT FACEBOOKS & FORUMS! Usaca10 Male Aries Posts : 1325
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The articles and discussions on facebook are of interest only to those participating, so slapping a comment on my facebook page would just be more useless clutter.

The articles and discussions on a forum are of interest only to those participating but at least they are usually under a topic that pertains to a particular subject.

The worse thing a forum can do is to have a million subjects that you have to wade through to get to a topic/subject you are interested in.....the format of facebook is... “extra confusing and all over the place...everything is scattered around... its just disorganized”.

Is facebook about.... adults who are actually more comfortable hanging out with a crowd that is more like themselves in views, behavior, attitudes and thought processes? Instead of finding different views or opinions for self education/improvement!

The worse thing a forum can do is not allow members to speak their own opinions. People come to a forum to discuss issues with others in an open environment, not a communist type atmosphere. Allow your members to give their opinions no matter how controversial they may be. After all, that is what people are their for, differing views from their own. That is how we all expand our own views. Different views from our own...that will expand our own views is something that you do not get on facebook. If your view is not alined with their...then you are UN-FRIENDED!!!

Game applications...Why should you care what game or games I am playing?? Do you give a rat's behind about me building a barn, feeding a fish or planting a garden??

The 13-something crowd.....Teenagers are speaking a language that is understandable, according to telegraph.co.uk.... Teenagers on social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo are creating a secret language to stop adults knowing what they are up to, researchers say.. They must be for I can not understand them. Hope it helps expand their vocabulary and IQ.

The 20-something crowd uses it to share the craziest photos of themselves in the most unexpected locations, gather the most friends, write ridiculous things about "what happened last night" and how they'll "never do THAT again even if you paid me!"

The 30-something crowd is doing pretty much the same thing except on 30-something terms: announcing babies, networking for jobs, bragging about vacations and reconnecting with grade-school friends they haven't seen in decades. They're also posting embarrassing back-in-the-day photos of one another dressed in hip '70s or, better, New Wave attire.

But what good is Facebook for a 40- and above married women who do not have any wedding photos or pregnancy news to share... or the 40- and above men and women who spends more time working than partying and isn't secretly looking for a date?

Perhaps Facebook's biggest problem, however, is that it's too bloated to manage any more. Just ask yourself how many times you've hesitated to post some snarky remark because it might be misinterpreted by some FB "friends"?

The truth is, once you accumulate a certain number of FB friends, you can't be sure who will see what you post -- or what they're going to do with it. And that's Facebook's biggest problem going forward.

Facebook fans will point out that there are ways to solve these social-networking problems. You can set up multiple accounts, for example, and use one profile for business, another for friends. Or you can restrict subgroups of friends from seeing certain comments or pictures by setting up separate friend lists. 

In other words, you can create one list of only family members, another list of business friends, and presumably another list of your "real" friends. Then when you post something, you only post it to the appropriate list (a photo of you playing beer pong, friends only; a shot of you moderating an important business panel, definitely family friendly).

There are several problems with this approach, however. It's about as easy to use as the blinking cursor on an old-school computer -- and about as much fun. It's also not reliable; Facebook keeps changing its privacy settings, so unless you stay on top of the changes you may end up sharing more than you planned. 

Complexity is the enemy of social networking, and complexity is killing Facebook. So you can't use Facebook for fun any more. It's also not really for business. And it certainly isn't a safe place to pick up a date.

FB friends can be fickle, and if people from your list of truly cool FB friends join another site, will you go too. *After all, you do not want to miss the next big thing.


Hope and change voters....do not forget to  THOUGHTS ABOUT FACEBOOKS & FORUMS! You_are_the_man-969after you enjoy a THOUGHTS ABOUT FACEBOOKS & FORUMS! DrinkWineCheers  with obama Kool-Aid....sweetened with NutraHope!

Many people (that I know) are alive only because it’s illegal to shoot them.

Ronald Reagen said it best.......The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.

"You can ignore reality, but not the consequences of ignoring reality." Ayn Rand

The truly educated never graduate !

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going. The Smart Left a Long Time Ago.

I have always said I don't care what you do or with whom you do it, but don't demand that I think that it is normal or that it is OK!!!!

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity!
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