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 Cool Ways to Poke People on Facebook!

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PostSubject: Cool Ways to Poke People on Facebook!   Cool Ways to Poke People on Facebook! EmptyMon 27 Jun 2011, 6:30 am

I tried to post images of these pokes but was told they were not allowed!!!

For experienced Facebook users, the standard Poke feature is old hat.

The Superpoke! is a much more interactive method you can use to send over the kind of pokes that’ll leave very little room for misunderstanding.

If you want to take the “poking” approach to get your friend’s attention see the Facebook Superpoke Application....@...

The second form of poking that some people use is ASCII art pokes.

Read more about Facebook poke features...@.... http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/2-cool-ways-to-poke-someone-on-facebook/

Hope and change voters....do not forget to Cool Ways to Poke People on Facebook! You_are_the_man-969after you enjoy aCool Ways to Poke People on Facebook! DrinkWineCheers  with obama Kool-Aid....sweetened with NutraHope!

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Cool Ways to Poke People on Facebook!

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