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 Book of Mormon..... Does DNA Evidence Refute It ?

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PostSubject: Book of Mormon..... Does DNA Evidence Refute It ?   Book of Mormon..... Does DNA Evidence Refute It ? EmptyTue 05 Jul 2011, 9:47 am

What Does the Book of Mormon Claim?

Has DNA testing of Native Americans proven the Book of Mormon to be false? I argue that DNA testing does challenge some common but faulty assumptions some LDS people have made about the Book of Mormon, but does not jeopardize the text itself. The findings of modern science, though often tentative, can be welcomed and need not be feared by those who treasure the Book of Mormon as ancient scripture from the New World and as another testament of Jesus Christ.

Just as scientific progress requires abandoning old errant assumption, increased knowledge about the Americas and improved understanding of the Book of Mormon text itself shows that many Latter-day Saints have incorrectly assumed that the Americas were a vacuum prior to Lehi's arrival, and that Lehi's group provided the primary genetic source for all Native Americas. These errant assumptions should be abandoned, but since the text does not make such claims, all we need abandon is our misunderstanding, not a sacred volume of scripture that is indeed an authentic ancient text.


First Americans

Not long ago we thought the first humans in the New World were mammoth hunters from Siberia who crossed the Bering Strait at the end of the Ice Age. Now, we are learning, none of that may be true not the who, not the where, not the how, and certainly not the when.

You don't expect someone who has been dead for more than 9,000 years to have any odor left--let alone a strong one. But you don't expect him to have any hair or skin or clothes left, either, and Spirit Cave Man has all of those: long, soft brown hair, gray skin the texture of parchment, shoes crafted from animal hide and lined with bulrushes. Though little of his flesh remains, his smell--a musty, thick sweetness that clings to the back of your throat--is wholly intact.

The Spirit Cave Man, a museum laboratory on the outskirts of Carson City, Nevada, is a smell that serves as a pungent reminder that this is not just another Paleo-Indian artifact, a spearpoint or a pendant or a stone-flaking tool. It is the presence of a human being whose story, along with that of his ancestors, is as intriguing as his mummified remains--and so far, just as incomplete.

Spirit Cave Man is one of a dozen or so early Americans who are helping rewrite the prehistory of human habitation in the New World. A small cohort of skeletons and skull fragments up to 11,500 years in age, they are the oldest human remains known in North and South America. While some of these individuals, like Washington State's notorious Kennewick Man, are new finds, most were discovered decades ago and were preserved in museum collections. Only in the last few years, however, have anthropologists made a systematic effort to determine the antiquity and ancestry of these remains.

When Spirit Cave Man was unearthed in 1940 from a dry rock-shelter in western Nevada, his discoverers assumed that he had been buried a couple of thousand years ago at most. But in 1994 radiocarbon dating of his bones and hair put his age closer to 9,400 years. That was a big surprise, but his way of life--and suspected ancestry-proved even more surprising.


PaleoAmerican Ethnic Diversity

The evidence that Caucasoids were present in North America between 12,000 B.C.E. and 8000 B.C.E. is based on numerous findings such as skeletal and structural remains, physical artifacts, and genetic evidence. In the latter, the fact that the fifth haplogroup genetic 'x factor' is a maternally-transmitted (mitochondrial) sequence supports the supposition that the Caucasoids who made a genetic contribution to the 'Native American' bloodline werer females. This would follow the general model of surviving females in a defeated group being taken in as booty by the conquerors. (Kemp, Interview)

In addition, the oral legends of the 'Native Americans' themselves support the opinion that these ancient Caucasoids existed, but were killed off by the Indians' ancestors. The Paiute legend of the Si-Te-Cah is perhaps the most famous example of this.

A recent analysis of old skulls by the University of Tennessee's Richard Jantz and the Smithsonian Institution's Douglas Owlsley suggest that at least three unique population groups may have arrived in the Americas separately, as opposed to a single migration of one people from Siberia. Perhaps some ancient Europeans arrived on the eastern seaboard of the United States during the last ice age. There is growing speculation that ancient peoples did not walk across a Bering Straits land bridge long ago, but first arrived in North and South America by traveling along the western coastlines in boats. Humans made it to Australia more than 50,000 years ago. They needed to sail beyond the horizon to get there. Why couldn't Europeans have done something similar? (Miller, Free Kennewick)

How then might our national identity be altered if we were to reassess the original peopling of the continent? Would it change our national self-identity significantly were we forced to admit that virtually all of the different races currently present in the Americas were also represented here 10,000 years ago? does it matter to us or to the discussion of the relevancy of prehistory to our modern society to observe that peaceful coexistence was apparently not possible for them? It may be that all of our historical and prehistorical models indicate that multiculturalism and diversity, in the long term, are two mutually exclusive ideals, but these are some of the more far-reaching societal questions which a reassessment of the ancient peopling of the Americas may bring into focus.


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Book of Mormon..... Does DNA Evidence Refute It ?

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